My life is such a mess, I am remained everyday of my life that I am different and unique.I can hide how I feel from my family because I don’t want them to feel sad for me but when I go in the bedroom I just break down in tears thinking that all my friends and relatives have balance and can go out and have fun or do all the things I cant because am different I don’t have balance so like today am depressed because almost everyone I know is going out, am happy its just that I cant help myself…. Am writing because am depressed and the more I write the better I feel… So my life is a storm that is not ending!! BUT I HAVE TO KEEP FIGHTING AND BE STRONG


Is a person defined by their wealth, beauty, by their sex appeal or their personality?? If you answered by their personality then you guessed right but people always when they first meet the person they starting judging just by how the person looks which is wrong because if you are not beautiful enough then you don’t exist.. I know physical attraction is necessary but you need to put that aside and get to know the person


The act of falling in love scars the heck out of me because I know you will have to get hurt by the person you love because I know in order to truly be in love and happy you need to get hurt…. but I want to fall deeply and truly in love


I was from watching MR. Right on my PC and suddenly started thinking will I ever feel butterflies in my stomach for someone, will ever get my first kiss, will I fall in love nor will I find my MR. Right?? Those are questions I ask myself….. I know am not popular, pretty, the perfect body nor do I have Balance but I know my dreams will come true sooner or later….


I have no idea what do in life to succeed plus I live with a disability that makes my love life difficult and my work life difficult because it’s like am whatever I try doesn’t work out but that wont stop me I will keep on trying until I can’t try anymore….MY SOUL IS SO DARK