The act of falling in love scars the heck out of me because I know you will have to get hurt by the person you love because I know in order to truly be in love and happy you need to get hurt…. but I want to fall deeply and truly in love


Author: natandiz

I have low self esteem, no confidence. Everything I touch turns dark

One thought on “FALLING IN LOVE”

  1. Rumi (1207 – 1273): Melt me then in flames!*
    .ای دوست قبولم کن و جانم بستان
    Beloved accept me! My bidding’s soul and life!

    مستم کن و از هر دو جهانم بستان
    Exalt me to your heights, beyond this world’s strife!

    با هرچه دلم قرار گیرد بیتو
    A pastime soothes me, when you stand far away?

    آتش به من اندر زن و آنم بستان
    Then, melt me in flames, take “it” out of my clay!

    you have an amazing blog my friend ! great sentences and deep ideas.
    true love is nothing but pure pain that takes your heart from you with anything you have and dedicate it to your lover, the more you go deep in love the more you loose from yourself and become like someone you love and that’s the beauty of love which mostly came in Farsi poems as Fana ؛فنا؛ .
    keep up the good work
    wish you the best


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