The unique story of my life

So am not writing this story to be pitied but for you guys out there to know and understand that some people who deal with a lot of problems but still face life with a smile and courage. My complicated life goes like this it was Christmas eve in the year 1993 my Mum went to my Aunt’s house for a celebration my biological father dropped Mum off who was six months pregnant with me, when my biological dad left to go back home he unfortunately had a terrible car accident and died on the spot. After a whole nine months I was born but I didn’t know that my dad had died so years passed by and me and Mum went visiting after we visited as we were on our way home I was half asleep but Mum didnt know so she was talking to someone about dad’s accident and thats when i found out that dad died but I didn’t say anything. Years later….Mum met a Man and fell in love and he stepped up as my father but it wasn’t the same anyway they had two (2) children who I love although I don’t express my feelings. Later on I got very ill and stopped walking then when I started walking I didn’t have balance so I need assistance when walking and it has been like this for twelve(12) years, I still need assistance but life is great I love myself and respect my values more. All I can say in my conclusion is that I still have HOPE and that this a curse and a blessing for me because maybe I would have gone astray…. THANKS BE TO GOD I am alive. All can I say to people don’t GIVE UP


Author: natandiz

I have low self esteem, no confidence. Everything I touch turns dark

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